Wednesday, 24 July 2013



Hello lovelies! It's been a while since I've written anything substantial here, which is probably due to me feeling a little uninspired as of late, and the absolutely dreadful weather here which just makes me want to lie in bed with the heater on and read Jane Austen novels - but alas, here I am at 2 am writing this - mostly due to the fact that I've just watched 'The Conjuring" and am so afraid that I simply cannot fathom going to sleep, because frankly, I am afraid there may be a demon lurking in my room. Or something of that nature.

Spawns of Satan aside, today I am wearing a rather attention grabbing Zara coat and some of my favourite basics - leather shorts and a striped blouse. While I cannot lie to you and tell you that a leopard print coat is a good basic to have, the other two are definitely staples to any good wardrobe, and if you don't already own these items you will probably find yourself lacking other good staples, like a quality plain white T and a good pair of black ankle boots - are you nodding? Then read on.

Why do you need a good pair of leather shorts? Because they are the foundation for any outfit, anytime. You can wear them with stockings, you can wear them with boots, you can wear them with heels, you can wear them with a sweater tucked in or a t-shirt tucked in (see: Plain White Tshirt) you can even wear it with a leopard print coat if you so wish! That is the beauty of good basics - they are called basics because they make the perfect foundation for any outfit, big or small, dressed up or casual - so before you reach for those fluro pink denim cutoffs, think twice. Will you get the same amount of wear out of those shorts? Well, maybe. But probably not.

As for the striped blouse - all you need to do is look at photos of old people on boats to see that stripes simply do NOT go out of style. Since Coco Chanel made the navy inspired pattern fashionable in her nautical collection in 1917, stripes have transcended the barriers of time and age, becoming a beacon of good taste and style. So while I cannot recommend my snow leopard inspired Coat (as incredible as that coat is) to those of you looking for pieces to go the distance, invest in a good pair of leather shorts and a white T that won't rip after the first time it goes through the wash, and I guarantee you will spend 20 minutes less getting ready each day. 

I told you so.

Nikki x


  1. I just love that leopard coat !!
    And with those red heels no one can miss you ;)

  2. Love the Jacket.
    Claudia xx

  3. Fabulous look - Love love love that coat! <3

  4. Love the outfit!
    Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

  5. gorgeous monochrome look!
    love it
    would you like to follow each other? :)

  6. Absolutely love your outfit, especially the heels. You look so regal!

    You've got a great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  7. I just love that leopard coat !! Nice photos!!

  8. This is a very stylish outfit.